Crisis Response solutions 

For Healthcare Facilities 

We are here to help!

CareerStaff is dedicated to providing quality clinicians quickly as we assist our  partners in ensuring they have the staff necessary to combat the staffing challenges of COVID19. As a leading provider in providing clinicians  for facilities nationwide, we work to understand your facilities challenges and provide the clinicians that are prepared, certified, and right for your specific facility.  Here you will find a few of the facets of CareerStaff inspire confidence in our partners:   

  • 200+  Recruiters : Over  200 recruiters nationwide ready to assist in locating clinicians that are perfect for your facility. 
  • 20+ Years of Industry Expertise:  Over 20 years of experience working with facilities and clinicians across all healthcare verticals. 
  • Experienced Compliance & Logistics Team: Clinicians that we provide to your facility will be prepared with all of the information and appropriate certifications that they need to fit seamlessly into your staff. 
  • Expansive Database of Clinicians: Our recruiters have access to over 1 million clinicians nationwide that are readily available through our database. 
  • 25 Offices Nationwide:  Our staff is nationwide giving you direct access to account managers with specific expertise on the needs of your area and facility.